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Wind beneath the wings
of the wounded healer

I walk with women who are creating a Vision for their one wild and precious life through congruent, aligned practices, divine feminine leadership, and the wisdom of nature.

I am passionate about guiding heart-centered, powerhouse womxn through the journey of empowerment, fulfillment, and joy. Through the wisdom and experience of horses, movement, and divine feminine energy, we walk together to embrace the Thriving You. Know that I will walk alongside you as you discover, clarify, and manifest your Vision.

I invite you to step into the Life of your Dreams. 

I'm Lori Halliday

Your aligned congruency coach

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Congruency Coaching

Congruency coaching is for the heart-centered, powerhouse womxn who is looking to level-up her life.

Whether it's success in your career, relationships, or general wellness that you are seeking, congruency coaching takes a holistic approach to raising your vibration and creating magnetism for your best life.

Through radical self-care and accountability, we tap into your divine feminine energy to create the life you are dreaming of. This is your time.

Congruency Coaching

With over 20 years of experience, much of my wisdom is deeply rooted in the teachings of horses and nature.

I am your personal coach and I lead from many different positions. I have various equine programs, from your first contact with the pure magic of horses, to experienced equine leaders seeking mentorship, mastery, and an integrated understanding of our ethical and Intuitive Horsemanship practices, straight from the horses mouth!

Equine Programs

"A life-shifting experience"

Experiencing the graceful mentorship and coaching of Lori Halliday has been a life-shifting experience. Lori has changed the way I experience and harness my own powers, teaching me how to use them wisely, sustainably, and safely. 

- Rose Carr

"Transformative, insightful, and life-changing"

Working with Lori has been such a transformative, insightful, and life-changing experience for me. Going inward with a coach who treated me with the sincerest respect and compassion allowed me to develop the self-awareness I needed to navigate the complexities of life.

- Stephanie Tran

"Accepting and empowering"

Lori has crafted her wealth of knowledge and understanding into heart-centered coaching and useful tools that align with my spiritual philosophy and ancestral wisdom.  I appreciated the practicality and accessibility of information and useful practices shared. What I learned remains helpful in my personal and professional work because the framework is accepting and empowering. 

- Chloé Jacenda

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