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Congruency Coaching is for healthy and powerful people who are looking to level up, embody their lives, and fully embrace the magic and joy. You have accomplished so much in your life and you have a lot to be proud of. Just look at you! You have come SO far. 

Congruency Coaching comes in when you feel that you have reached a plateau and you have the courage and bravery to invest in you. When you look back on your life, what is it that your heart is still yearning for, what does she desire? Perhaps you’re living a full life and yet there’s an aching feeling, a mysterious emptiness or calling. Have you found yourself living a deep Blessing which has created new loves, new goals and new aspirations? Are your old dreams outdated? Let’s dream about what’s next!

With Congruency Coaching, we find a new action plan through lifestyle and mindset changes. We find what works and what doesn’t work for you by custom tailoring a wellness plan specific to your heart’s desires. Together we find clarity, alignment, and magnetism. Magnetism for ease, freedom, dreams, desires, joy, love, passion, and opportunities. We practice how to be in the body and stay in touch with our divine feminine, all while empowering our emblazoned vision.

Congruency Coaching is for entrepreneurs, founders, mothers, go-getters, and goal-diggers. I HONOR you and I am WITH you!

What is congruency Coaching?

Take the leap with one precious, immersive Congruency Coaching call for discovery and redirection to find out if the Shero’s Journey is the perfect fit. This is a discounted, one-time call to start your Congruency journey without the 3-month commitment

1 hour call / $222
(regular fee per call $444)

Learn more Free 20 min Discovery Call

An introductory coaching call for those ready to feel, channel, & receive

Introductory Gift

Shero's Journey

We will walk through this three-tiered journey hand in hand. On the journey you will master:

Tier 1. Self Care Super Shero - Clarity, Direction, Purpose, and Beauty

Tier 2. I am Shadow and Light - Revealing the truth and finding the gold, freedom, passion + joy.

Tier 3. My Hearts Desires - Imagination and manifestation - living with an open heart and living your dreams.

Three-month Congruency Coaching
(4 calls per month at $375/call exclusive with package discount)

Contract: $4,500


Step into the journey you are designed to take.

Group Coaching

Recommended for teams, businesses, clubs, and organizations, group coaching is designed to create a healthy and productive culture within your team or business. As a group, we work to create stronger bonds, better communication skills, and aligned workflows. 

Let's talk!

Frequently Asked Questions


Nope! All sessions can take place virtually. However, some students elect to have some or all sessions take place in person, in which case we will meet at the sacred Horse and Heart Ranch where the beautiful Monterey bay spans horizontally to meet the vertical Redwood cloaked mountains. I open my arms to both in-person and virtual sessions. My Congruency Coaching program is designed to be custom-tailored to fit you and your learning style.


How long is the program?

We can start with "Your First Gift," an introductory session where we can really dig deep into your power and magnetism. After that, we can begin the Congruency program. Congruency Coaching starts as a three-month-long, three-tiered program designed to be acute and specific to launch your Congruency journey. After which, we can continue our journey step-by-step.


Do I need to work with horses?

Working with horses is not required for your Congruency journey. But, if you’re curious about creating a deep connection with horses, we can integrate intuitive horsemanship into your custom action plan. I will provide you with tools to keep yourself safe as you grow your confidence around equine partners. 


"A life-shifting experience"

Experiencing the graceful mentorship and coaching of Lori Halliday has been a life-shifting experience. Lori has changed the way I experience and harness my own powers, teaching me how to use them wisely, sustainably, and safely. 

"Heart-centered coaching"

Lori has crafted her wealth of knowledge and understanding into heart-centered coaching and useful tools that align with my spiritual philosophy and ancestral wisdom. I appreciated the practicality and accessibility of information and useful practices shared. What I learned remains helpful in my personal and professional work because the framework is accepting and empowering. 

"Sincere respect & compassion"

Working with Lori has been such a transformative, insightful, and life-changing experience for me. Going inward with a coach who treated me with the sincerest respect and compassion allowed me to develop the self-awareness I needed to navigate the complexities of life

The 7-Day Congruency Guide

You can sample Congruency Coaching with my FREE 7-Day Congruency Guide!

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Dip your toes and begin your congruency journey. Learn my most accessible alignment techniques and start your 7-day congruency transformation. 

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Alchemize, create, and manifest your dreams...