Dark Horse Rising

April 2021

“Welcome powerhouse, heart-centered, influential women of color as we gather in sacred circle at last. We will return to the restorative fields of the Great Mother, of land, of water, of women and wild horses. You have been called in through the Great Mystery to journey home with the wisdom of the Black Horse Medicine. We nourish and cultivate our own soul’s ascent in the sacred spaces of Dark Horse Rising so that we may see and be seen, dream, receive and remember, play and integrate.”    

Healing the Wounds of Racial Injustice

The sister retreat of Dark Horse Before the Dawn, Dark Horse Rising was a scholarship-funded, three-day intensive for women of color designed to help heal the wounds of injustice through Equine Experiential Learning.

- Lori Halliday

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Magnetic photography by Tricia Mogensen and Carlie Statsky

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