MARCH 12TH, 2022

HORSES | WOMXN | NATURE was a one-day intensive and holistic immersive experience of rooting, grounding, feeling, healing, connecting, surrendering, and receiving. Through emotional and bodily detox, energy healing, and the relational field, we remembered the Voice of the Soul, returned to nature, restored the spirit, and rejuvenated the animal body. Immersed in the natural beauty of Horse & Heart Ranch, we grounded with the healing properties of earth, air, fire, and water, Mamma Ocean. Interspecies relational work with horses fostered inspired guidance, wisdom, and messages that reinforced our transformative experience and manifestations. We found heart and mind coherence through consciousness expansion and enjoyed a full day of juice cleansing with kits from our local juicery.

An Immersive Journey Within

Thank you to all who attended! What an incredible experience had by all. We are filled with gratitude for your time and energy.

About the Hosts

Rimgail Aciene

Intuitive Mental Health & Energy Healer

Rimgaile (aka Gail) is an international Intuitive Mental Health Practitioner, Energy Medium, and Guided Meditations Facilitator. Her educational background and trainings in the fields of Psychology, Reiki, Women’s health, nutrition, yoga, coaching, and alternative healing modalities as well as her personal and professional experiences make her an exceptional guide for one’s transformational journey. Her purpose is to be there for those who are in the transition between their physical, emotional, and mental states, life experiences, and events, who seek emotional & energetic alignment, clarity, and change.

Gail is passionate about the immersive, extraordinary, and expanding Destination Experience for the Divine Feminine full of Mystery, Magic, and Heart Medicine. 

Lori Halliday

Congruency Coach & Intuitive Horsewoman

A wise horse woman and Congruent Coach, Lori is an Invitation to a healthy, wealthy, and wise life! She is the keeper of sacred heart medicine, nature, creativity, the herd, the land, and the sovereign rites to "follow a feel" into the Journey of our Hearts Desires!

Lori believes that in order to be healthy, strong, and joyful, we must integrate our work, our lives, and our loves in a congruent manner. She is a nature enthusiast and a lifetime student and teacher of Experiential Learning. She is to devoted many practices including Equine Experiential Learning, Body-Centered Leadership (Dr. Christina & John Amaral), Journey Work, Intuitive Natural Horsemanship, the Axis Syllabus International Research Community, dance, Gyrotonic pilates, and breathwork. Movement, health, and lifestyle must be integrated for us to reach a place of authenticity, congruency, and deep wellness. 

Wisehorsewoman is the sacred space for sharing all that she has learned with you. She is the gentle and intuitive guide for your intuitive journey.

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